Oversight Systems’ FCPA & National Security Risk Solution supports your initiatives to comply with evolving anti-corruption requirements and is an alarm system for corruption across your global infrastructure.

  • Automated Risk Identification & Tracking
  • Global Risk Analysis
  • Suspicion Index
  • Integration with Policy Management

Oversight’s FCPA & National Security Risk Solutionworks transparently with all major ERP, CRM and Big Data systems. Organizations using this targeted solution receive:

  • Power to know now your global risk with ongoing,automated transaction monitoring across all transactions and entities associated with your company
  • Peace of mind you are tracking activity globally and covered with a comprehensive investigatory log, enabling you to document a traceable FCPA compliance monitoring program
  • Intelligence to automatically set suspicion indexesas well as find and pre-empt vouchers and payments to vendors on FCPA and OFAC-SDN risk lists
  • Ability to make adjustments to your policies quickly with actionable insights, recommendations and email alerts
  • Ease of understanding with simple user interfacetools to easily explain complex data analysis

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